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MEED is the number one business-to-business intelligence service in the Middle East, providing companies with the context they need to make informed business decisions. Available online, in print and in app, MEED offers up-to-date Middle East and Northern Africa news, data and analysis.

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  • Unlimited access to MEED’s Knowledge Bank. Track and monitor everything in your sector from key personnel changes to key contract awards.
  • In-depth monthly Supplements. Carefully researched sector, country and client reports help companies forecast, strategise and implement future direction more quickly and effectively.
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  • Unique Sector and Country Special Reports. Save time, money and expertise with detailed research and analysis on every core sector and country you target.
  • MEED Expert Webinars. Join our MEED experts for 1 hour a month for detailed analytical presentations on the most pressing issues affecting your business environment.
  • Editorial Commentary. Provides an unbiased and objective view on a complex region. Formulate your own opinions knowing that the information provided is up-to-date, accurate and reliable.